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Time to go off the grid and make that cabin

in the middle of nowhere a reality.


JoJo Tanks offer a couple of very clever solutions when it comes to off-the-grid sanitation.

As accredited installers, we’ll be happy to take you through the range and to find a solution that would work for you, prior to installation. The range includes tanks that can store up to 6 000 litres of sewage.

All these tanks are manufactured with the rotational moulding process, which produces extremely strong and durable tanks made from polyethylene. Each unit is seamless, watertight and made to withstand any chemicals in the soil, as well as chemicals and gases present in sewage.

In other words, these tanks will not corrode over time and will also not require any additional coatings as some of the other tanks on the market do. If properly installed, your tank and sewage system should last you a lifetime and beyond.

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As accredited installers of                           , you can be assured that you will receive the best workmanship and products at all times.

Don’t let this minor detail stop you from living your dream . . .