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Rain water is a free source of water that very few households

are tapping into at this stage of the game.

If you do not have a rain water tank, you’re literally allowing thousands of litres of good water to simply run down the drain. Water that could have been used to water your garden, top up your pool, wash the car or even supplement your household water.

With a rainfall of 5mm on a roof size of 100 m²,  approximately 500 litres of water can be collected at one time. This will go a long way in winter time especially when we have more rainy days, so allow for a big enough tank to store as much water as possible. If done correctly, you will be able to minimize the use of your municipal water to the bare minimum, if not cut out completely. This will however require a system where your rain water is pumped to your household supply. Please see the section -Integrated Systems’.

In it’s simplest form, a rain water harvesting tank consists of a strategically positioned tank that collects rain water from your roof. The tank is sealed in order to keep any leaves, animals, insects or other impurities out. We also install a mesh filter to catch any leaves and other impurities that tend to gather in the gutters, which means that the water in the tank is without any solids. It is however not clean enough to drink or to use for household purpose, other than to flush your toilet, as it still contains bacteria and other impurities invisible to the naked eye. If you install a proper water purification system alongside this, you will be able to use your rain water for all your household purposes, including drinking water.

Things to consider when installing a rain water harvesting system:

> Roof size + water harvesting potential

> Location of down pipes

> Available space + positioning of a tank/tanks

> Look and/or camouflaging of tanks

> Rainfall patterns

> Intended use of water - garden/swimming pool/household purposes

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Make use of our winter rainfall season to supplement your municipal water usage.