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Safeguard your family against any harmful elements in our tap

water with a water filtration or RO system

Don’t waste any more time and money by buying bottled water. We install whole house, under counter water filtration or Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems that purify your normal tap water to bottled water quality. Simply open the tap for the purest water possible. The taste and health properties of the water remains exactly the same - only harmful elements get removed.

The system removes 99% of all bacteria and other particles, like salts and chemicals that can be found in tap water, by taking the water through a series of filters. The result is water that’s free from any contamination, chemicals, bacteria or elements like lead, mercury etc. that could potentially harm you.

We all know that it’s good for our health to drink a lot of water, but if the water you’re drinking is contaminated in any way, it can have a diverse effect on your general health - if not immediately, definitely in the long run. With the current water shortages in the Western Cape, the quality of our water is also under suspicion, so don’t take any chances - have your system installed today.

The return on your investment is incredible as your family will literally have wonderful, clear, fresh, uncontaminated drinking water on tap.

No more running to the store to buy water!

The cost of a basic system starts at about R3 500 (excl.)

Simply open the tap for the purest water available