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A necessity with all the uncertainty around the general availability of water and the supply from our local municipalities.

A municipal back-up system ensures that you have a continuous supply of water in your home at the normal pressure, even when municipal water gets cut off or diminishes in pressure. This will be a very valuable system to have when water shedding becomes a reality due to our diminishing dam levels , etc.

A system like this consists of a tank that stores municipal water and a pump that delivers water to your household from the stored resource if your municipal water supply becomes compromised in any way. In other words, if your normal supply stops or becomes weakened, the pump of your back-up system will automatically kick in to supply water to your household as per usual.

The moment the municipal supply is corrected, the pump shuts off again and the tank fills up again as you revert back to your normal municipal supply. The switch-over from municipal water to back-up water happens automatically, so you won’t even know about it. The important thing is that your household will always have fresh water when needed. Seeing that water continuously flows through the tank via the municipal source, there are no health threats or a need to treat any water.

Another option is to integrate all your water supplies - grey water, rain water and municipal water to create a system that will save you loads of money, whilst ensuring that you always have enough water for your household. Each household is different however, so feel free to contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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Ensure continuous water supply for your household - even when the municipal pressure or supply diminishes.