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Grey water is all your waste water derived from the showers, baths and washing machines in your home. Water from your toilets, dishwasher and kitchen sinks can’t be used for this as it contains all sorts of bacteria, toxins and food particles that would be harmful to your general health. This is referred to as ‘black water’.  

In order to stay within health regulations, grey water should never be stored. The systems that we install, pumps the grey water out to your garden, the moment it reaches the central collection point. The system is completely automatic, so all you have to do is to bath, shower or do your laundry as per usual and all that waste water will automatically run to the grey water tank, from where it immediately gets distributed to your garden. No mess, no fuss. The water might have a slight odour as it gets sprayed out, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. The smell disappears almost immediately after being sprayed. If it bothers you however, we can provide additional products you can add to your tank to make it completely odour free.

We provide a normal garden hose and two rose sprinklers with our system, to allow you to move it around your garden as needed. The length of the hose will depend on your specific needs. Grey water can’t unfortunately be used in conjunction with a normal irrigation system, as the tiny particles in the water will clog your system. It also creates an additional health risk when combined with an irrigation system  as the grey water gets distributed via a fine mist that can easily be breathed in by humans and pets, thus making it illegal to irrigate with grey water in some countries. By using a normal sprayer as with our system, that problem is eliminated.

The normal soap and washing powder residue in grey water also won’t harm your plants or lawn in any way, seeing that there’s usually only minute quantities in the water. It is however always a good idea to avoid fabric softeners and any other harsh chemicals.

A standard household of 4 people, uses about 1200 litres of water each day, so just think of all the water you’ll save! Our grey water systems start at approximately R5 800, fully installed, but each house is different, so feel free to give us a call. We’ll gladly come out for a free consultation and quote.

As accredited installers of                          , you can be assured that you will receive the best workmanship and products at all times.


A grey water system directs your used household water to your

garden, instead of down the drain - thus saving you lots of water + money.

Let’s work smart by re-using the same water twice . . .