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What is grey water?

All your used household water - bath, shower and laundry water. Not dish washing water.


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Grey Water Systems

A grey water system directs your used household water to your garden, instead of down the drain - thus saving you lots of water + money. Let’s work smart by re-using the same water twice...

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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water is a free source of water that very few households are tapping into yet. Make use of our winter rainfall season to supplement your municipal water usage…  

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Municipal Back-up Systems

A necessity with all the uncertainty around the general availability of water and the supply from our local municipalities. Ensure continuous water supply for your household - even when the municipal pressure or supply diminishes...

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Integrated Systems

This is the ultimate household water system that incorporates all your available water - grey water, rain water and municipal water...

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How do I save water + money with a grey water system?

Instead of letting your household water flow down the drain, you direct it to your garden. You essentially use that water twice.

Do I have to treat the grey water before I can use it?

No. Seeing that you’re pumping it out immediately after use, it won’t be standing, so there’s no need to treat it.

How can  rain water be used if one stores it?

You can use it to fill your swimming pool, for your garden or you can even connect it to your household supply if it’s filtered / purified correctly.

Why is it necessary to have a municipal back-up system ?

If the municipal supply slows down or stops for any reason, such a system will kick in automatically, supplying water to your household as per usual ensuring an uninterupted supply of water to your house.

How will my family benefit from a built-in water purification  or  RO system?

This system gets built in under your sink and filters your tap water to bottled water quality. It removes bacteria and harmful solids.

Water Purification Systems

Safeguard your family against any harmful elements in our tap

water with a water filtration or RO system. Simply open the tap for the purest water possible...

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Sewage + French Drains

Time to go off the grid and make that cabin

in the middle of nowhere a reality. Don’t let this minor detail stop you from living your dream...

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